Learning Math and Science can be Fun!
Join us @ Odle Middle School
January 25, 2020 ~ 8:30am — 2:30pm

Buzz Bowl is a buzzer game of multiple-choice and short answer questions. Teams challenge each other to buzz faster and answer the questions. Whether your kid is a beginner, intermediate or a whiz, it offers fun and challenge to everyone! We offer reading material guidance and play all difficulty levels separately to provide an exclusive and level appropriate experience. Buzz Bowl uses middle school level study material. Kids just need to pick a subject, study the recommended material, come have fun and possibly win awards! We always try to give more awards than our last event.

For additional questions email us at science4community@gmail.com
To register your team, go to https://goo.gl/WqSJML
We always get oversubscribed, so hurry, seats are limited!!!