Camp Kindness Counts is providing families, friends and teachers access to our Kind World Explorer Harmony Guide Book. Camp Kindness Counts is a non-profit organization that is committed to providing tools for character development which help foster social emotional well-being and opportunities for service and social action to help build a generation of compassionate, strong leaders and community members. We are community partners with the Bellevue School District, Eastside Pathways, Allegro Pediatrics and many more. 

Kind World Explorers FREE Harmony guide books are filled with fun activities to foster strong, compassionate character and awareness in children. These guidebooks can be used as a family activity or with a group of other parents and kids virtually or in person! 

We also want you to know we are thinking of you all and care about your happiness. Though we cannot be there to connect with you in person, we do hope the resources we share bring happiness, gratitude, and strength to you and the children you care for. Our Kind World Explorers guide books were created in hopes they would do just that. Let's spread kindness and help one another TOGETHER!