Clipping your Box Tops and submitting them is a super easy way to help support our school!


Our Box Tops collection box in conveniently located in the front office - for quick drop off before school or during lunch!


If your family brought just 10 Box Tops this year - our earnings would reach over $660! 

Double that number to 20 and we'd earn over $1,320! 

Increase your collecting power by asking family and friends to clip these incentives, too! 

We collect all year long, so there's no need to build a big collection - submit as you go! 

Check out this VIDEO and send yours in today.

Thanks for partnering to make this year's collection a HUGE success!

If you think you might enjoy taking over the coordinator role, please contact me, I would love to have you shadow me this year!

Your Coordinator - Allison Patterson