The PTA conducted a student survey to gather feedback on whether students were interested in a breakfast program and the types of additional after-school programs they would be interested in. We received more than 300 anonymous responses and would like to share the results with the Tillicum community. We hope to use the results to hopefully start a breakfast program at Tillicum and offer additional after-school activities that students have indicated an interest in.


In order to have the Bellevue School District support a breakfast program, we need to ensure that a minimum number of students will be eating breakfast on a daily basis. With the survey results, we will be working with BSD to see if this is a viable option and will inform parents of the decision.

Survey results show a huge interest in Photography and Photoshop among other great student suggestions. The PTA will work with Mr. Peterson to explore what additional programs to add to the already vast existing list of options that students get to choose from. The list of activities is listed on Tillicum's website but here is also a snapshot of the offerings in a "at-a-glance" chart.