This year, our Pass the Hat Fundraiser will be taking place the week of November 2nd. However as always, we will be accepting donations throughout the school year. 

2020-21 Fundraising Goal:  $10,000

Why should I donate?  PTA funds essential educational programs and classroom materials that is not covered by state or district funding. Tillicum students benefit from these extra programs that would not be possible without contributions from the Tillicum community. Pass-the-Hat is the main PTA campaign to help fund programs and events. The following items have been funded since 2018:

  • Books and periodicals for the library
  • Books for Spanish, Mandarin and French classes
  • Supplies for math club, social studies, language arts classes
  • Supplies and equipment for PE class
  • Guest author speaker for Social Studies class
  • Field trips for Mandarin class
  • 6th grade camp
  • 8th grade graduation party
  • Supplies for Makerspace
  • Field trips for band and choir
  • A cello for music class
  • Teacher appreciation gifts and food events
  • School community events


Why should I donate this year? How will the money be used? Due to the closing of the school campus, there will be many activities that will not take place this year. We continue to use most of the money as grants for teachers to support some of their needs that are not met by the district. Some of the requests include online tools and resources that are class specific. We also plan to continue to support teachers by celebrating Teacher Appreciation Week but throughout the entire school year. Other activities we hope to fund include online events, parent education sessions, and after-school enrichment classes for students.