Today is the last day to take the Reimagining Middle School (RMS) Steering Committee's short, anonymous survey Make Middle School Better.

Here's a video about ideas (called prototypes) that could make middle school better. They include:

  • Advisory/Homeroom: This is a time when students can connect with each other and feel like they belong at school. It can also help them when they move up to a new grade.
  • Problem-Based Learning: This is a way of learning where students get to do hands-on activities that are interesting and relevant to them. It can help them learn better and feel more motivated.
  • Scheduling: This means that some classes will be longer than others. This can help students engage in deeper, less interrupted learning.
  • Teacher Teams: This is when teachers work together to support a common group of students and their learning. Though students may not notice a huge difference in their classes, teachers will be able to focus on what students need.

These ideas could make middle school a better experience for students. What do you think about them? Take the Make Middle School Better survey.

Thank you!

-The Reimagining Middle School (RMS) Steering Committee