We have a very important invitation for next week. On Tuesday, March 14, 2023, our PTA will host the *RMS (Reimagining Middle Schools) Committee (The general meeting will begin at 6:00pm; the RMS session will begin at 6:30pm). The RMS Committee will host a listening campaign for parents/guardians to gather feedback and help refine prototypes for middle schools next school year. The RMS Committee will make recommendations to the BSD Executive Team in June.  If you can make it, we would love to have your input at this important meeting. I look forward to seeing you. Refreshments will be provided.

What is a prototype?

  • Prototypes are visual representations of ideas; they are props that help tell a story.‚Äč
  • A prototype is a way of making ideas tangible and testing them out. This allows us to gather feedback and improve them.
  • Our RMS prototypes are "scrappy" at this stage! This is intentional so that we can gather feedback that will be used to inform revisions. This is a dynamic, ongoing process.

*Please visit the Reimagining Middle School Steering Committee webpage for more information on the RMS Committee membership, project, timeline and process. Please contact RMS@bsd405.org for questions, comments, or suggestions.